Plaute, Pseudolus, 49 sq.

Recita modo: ex tabellis iam faxo scies
quam subito argento mi usus invento siet.
‘Leno me peregre militi Macedonio
minis viginti vendidit, voluptas mea;
et prius quam hinc abiit, quindecim miles minas
dederat; nunc unae quinque remorantur minae.
ea caúsa miles hic reliquit symbolum,
expressam in cera ex anulo suam imaginem,
ut qui huc adferret eius similem symbolum,
cum eo simul me mitteret. ei rei dies
haec praestituta est, proxuma Dionysia.’
cras ea quidem sunt.
Prope adest exitium mihi,
nisi quid mihi in te est auxili.
Sine pellegam.
Sino, nám mihi videor cúm ea fabularier;
lege: dulce amarumque una nunc misces mihi.

CALIDORUS Read on now; I’ll soon cause you to know from the letter how suddenly there’s need for me for one of silver to be found.
PSEUDOLUS (reading on) . « The procurer has sold me, my love, for twenty minæ, to a Macedonian officer from abroad. Before he departed hence, the Captain paid him fifteen minœ; only five minæ now are remaining unpaid. On that account the Captain left here a token–his own likeness impressed on wax by his ring–that he who should bring hither a token like to that, together with him the procurer might send me. The next day hence, on the Festival of Bacchus, is the one fixed for this matter. »
CALIDORUS Well, that’s to-morrow; my ruin is near at hand, unless I have some help in you.
PSEUDOLUS Let me read it through.
CALIDORUS I permit you; for I seem to myself to be talking to her. Read on; the sweet and the hitter are you now mingling together for me.

Une réflexion sur “Plaute, Pseudolus, 49 sq.

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